12.5.1 National recycling rate, tons of material recycled

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12.5.1 National recycling rate, tons of material recycled

Minimizing waste generation and maximizing the recycling of waste is central to the concept of circular economy. However, currently the total amount of produced materials that are recycled are estimated to be low (based on academic literature). If countries are to better understand how waste are generated, collected and recycled then this will put countries and other stakeholders in a better position to identify how to tackle the issues face for key waste streams (such as metals, e-waste or plastics). For the purposes of this indicator, the National Recycling Rate is defined as the quantity of material recycled in the country plus quantities exported for recycling out of total waste generated in the country, minus material imported intended for recycling. Some of the statistics collected by UNSD which can be used to produce the indicator are available on the UNSD website. The detailed metadata is shown in this document.

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